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Revenge Porn: Legal. Not Returning Engagement Ring After Fiance Cheats on You: Illegal

I’m pretty libertarian, and in general I’m against making more laws and restricting freedoms — unless, of course, what you’re doing is violating someone else’s rights by posting your ex’s naked photos all over the internet. If you aren’t supporting the movement to legally punish those who distribute revenge porn, you’re a fucking asshole.

Don’t we have laws in place that keep you from using someone’s likeness or photograph for profit without compensating them for it? So if my boyfriend and I have sex on camera and he films it and sells it without telling me — at the very least, isn’t he committing some kind of crime by not giving me my due compensation?

I always have big hopes for my party, but sometimes I feel like the focus is too much on your right to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. Unless you’re an anarchist, it’s important in law making to remember that there are rights you inherently have by being a person. (If you don’t believe in any government, you need to remember it’s my right to blow your goddamn brains out for sharing my titties without my permission.)

Maybe there can be a really awesome world, where when you send a sext you first demand confirmation from the receiver that they will not post it anywhere without your permission, and that they will delete it upon break up. Actually (and maybe I’m just a killjoy), wouldn’t most rational women say “promise you won’t show anyone?” or something similar? I would. Can that count?

Let’s say you and I are dating. Things are going well, and you end up doing your taxes on my computer for whatever reason. When we break up, can I send copies of your SSN to all of my friends? NO. Why the hell not?!

When an engagement is broken off, the woman has to return the engagement ring. When a relationship is broken off, the man should have to delete the goddamn picture.