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Yesterday I assumed that most people would be able to comprehend my point that people should be educated on issues before they vote. Apparently I was wrong; guess it’s time to clear things up.

I rarely make blanket statements, but encouraging people to vote and not encouraging them to try to understand what they’re voting on makes you an asshole.

If you’re a radio DJ or a musical artist or an actress and you tell listeners or fans to vote just for the sake of voting, and you throw in a few comments about your political agenda, you are evil.

If you fight me on encouraging the masses to educate themselves before they vote (or to abstain if they aren’t comfortable with the amount of knowledge they do or do not have), it seems like you are encouraging blind, uneducated voting for your own agenda.

Voting isn’t a bicep. It doesn’t get stronger as a practice because you exercise it. Your political influence gets stronger when you educate yourself on the issues you’re voting on. When you can explain your points. Why are so many in our society focused on encouraging voting itself, and so quick to discourage anyone who talks about education?

Imagine you only went to class in college or high school, and never did the reading or studied or wrote a single paper. Would you deserve an A? Would you get better at school or learning if you simply showed up and didn’t do any of the things you were supposed to do? No. It’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

If people want to point fingers at the GOP, let’s not forget to point our fingers at the other party. The party that leads campaigns about rocking the votes and oh yeah — here’s our agenda. Vote for it. 

We wonder why we’re so uninformed, but that answer is obvious. We are taught to push the agendas of those who are in any position of power, and we are not taught to be critical thinkers. We are taught to be sheep. Next time you hear about a political issue that interests you, think about the consequences of actions. Think about the possible agendas people might have before you take into account their opinions. Educate yourself. Then, when you know what is going on, head on over to the voting booth.