In Support of the Travel Ban and Stephen Miller

In Support of the Travel Ban and Stephen Miller

How Trump’s Rust Belt Voters Have Changed Since the Election: They Haven’t

Since we haven’t had a single profile of Trump voters, thank god someone at Bloomberg had the genius idea to go out into the heartland and track rust belt Trump voters over the course of seventeen months. I summarized a couple of them last week, and here are the rest of the masters of cognitive dissonance. Michael Makowski, […]

How Trump’s Rust Belt Voters Have Changed Since the Election: Sounds Like White People White Peopling

Bryn had been living with her mom while trying to start a career as a life coach, but she recently moved out to become an Uber driver. She identifies as a libertarian, a political ideology known for believing in personal fiscal responsibility and not accepting or offering hand outs.

Here are some veterans who think it’s okay for NFL players to kneel for the national anthem

…not that kneeling during the national anthem has a goddamn thing to do with disrespecting the military. I agree. I'm a combat veteran and I support NFL players when they #Taketheknee because I support their Constitutional right to freedom of expression. I backed up my words with deeds. Has nothing to do with flag or […]

Manda Moore: An Accurate Re-Write of “Kevin Williamson: The Punishment I Favor for Abortion, Part 329874”

When will Kevin Williamson stop complaining? Probably never. Kevin D. Williamson is a Texas-based writer. Kevin D. Williamson is a Texas-based complainer and professional fired person. As a libertarian, I fully accept the motto that what a woman chooses to do with her own body is her business. As someone who can count, I believe […]

You Took Him to Prom, but I Will Have Him to the Grave

High school is the best time of your life. You think your friends will actually be your friends forever, and you think you’ll marry the amazing man you’re dating your senior year. For some people, that might be the case. But for the rest of us, adulthood ends up being mediocre. Your friends don’t get […]