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  1. cynthia

    Manda, I read a lot of blogs. A LOT OF BLOGS….Your blog popped up in my newsfeed via a friend reposting. Thank you for making my day and giving me something awesome and fresh to read. “My Boobs don’t…” was straight up the best thing i’ve read almost to date.
    Let the following begin!

  2. Edythe

    That boobs blog was dumb. And if there was a dislike button I would hit it a million times! Some people are tempted easier than others. Don’t down people’s temptations. Just because it’s easy for your boyfriend not to be tempted doesn’t mean it’s easy for hers. And you know what…it really shows that he loves her more because he’s willing to avoid Facebook just to only have the image if his wife’s boobs in his head! So maybe you should be concerned about your own little boyfriend…and his commitment to you.

    1. Amy the top less bitch

      Not our problem as females to keep everyone’s man in check. That should be the man’s SOs job. And the fact that you think I should tone myself down because someone’s husband may be weak minded is absurd. Maybe you like her should hit a treadmill and push the plate away then maybe your men will be weak for ya’ll and not other women.

  3. Morgan

    Just read the “boob” article and I must say… Amazing. As a recently married woman I know that with most things in life men will look. I have no problem with my husband appreciating a beautiful woman because he constantly tells me how beautiful I am. It does not mean he is being rude, he is just being human. Women should support each other and the beautiful bodies they were blessed with. 🙂 Love your blog!!

  4. Agent Q

    Am I missing this somewhere or do you not have twitter/bloglovin’? Just based on your posts, I’m sure you can easily establish a good reader base on those sites as well. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I will definitely come back for more. Nice to meet you, Manda. And are you still living in Dallas? Greetings, fellow Texan! [I’m from Houston].

      1. mandawritesthings Post author

        Thank you for reminding me to share my info on every post! I’m bad at Twitter and my Instagram is mostly shoes and alcohol, so I forget about it here ha. Do you use Bloglovin? I tried my hand and it and claimed my blog, but got little response from it. Thanks for reading, by the way!

  5. Sean M. Carr

    Manda, My cousin in Vienna, VA suggested I contact you. This involves at least 3 Constitutional Rights by Fairfax County, as well as multiple other felonies and misdemeanors perpetrated by both County Officials, and Federal employees including a DIA employee, her DIA Psychologist, and a Navy Commander, all of whom threatened me. I am living in a Domestic Shelter because of these crimes and the FBI has refused to reply to my emails over the past few weeks.

    I need immediate assistance a fast as humanly possible and any delay may result in my death.

    Please help me, I no longer feel safe living in the United States and have requested WITSEC/Witness Protection and Relocation. I’m also a former employee of the National Security Agency and the Defense Information Systems Agency, alltogether working for the DoD for over 9 years. 9 years which, as a last resort, I will turn to seek the enemies of the the U.S. for Vigilante Justice. I have PTSD and I can’t even go out in public anymore because of the crippling anxiety attacks. If my assailant/abuser/abductor and her co-conspiritors go unpunished, then I will either use a charcoal grill in my car naming each of the criminals in my suicide note and DVD of evidence next to my body, or I will defect to a non-extradition country willing to utilize my services against the same government that protected criminals and forced their victim t renounce his citizenship.

    I need help pressing charges and filing suite against these individuals and departments. I’ve also reported them to the FBI several weeks ago with no response except to receive threats from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Commander of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, where DIA HQ is located.

    I am begging for help, I am begging for justice, and I’ve done the same with the ACLU. I need justice or there’s no point in living in a world where the criminals run free and their victims are punished every day for the rest of their life.

    Please. Help me.


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