Dear Conservative Male Snowflakes: I’m Sorry My Dating Profile Hurts Your Fragile Male Ego

Men, I am begging you: please stop using dating apps as debating apps.

I am a single, liberal, feminist woman, and I’m not interested in dating a man who isn’t likeminded. Instead of accidentally going on a bunch of first dates with Trump voters, I’m pretty clear about my opinions on my dating profiles. I have a website where I sell anti-Trump t-shirts, with proceeds benefiting organizations directly impacted by his policies. Not only do I wear the shirts in two of my photos, I clearly state “I own,” the site I sell the shirts on. I don’t bring this up because I want to debate politics, I bring it up because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life defending things I believe to be important to my partner. Not being liberal is a deal breaker for me.


Oftentimes on OkCupid, I’ll get a message from an angry man who wants to explain to me why he hates “O’Bummer” and why I’m an idiot, but Bumble is pretty safe — after all, we can’t message each other unless we’ve matched. Or so I thought.

Last month I went to a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. While I was there, I guess Bumble showed my profile results to people around me — because three weeks after I got home, I noticed an email from one of my potential matches.

Apparently, some poor little conservative male snowflake found my Bumble profile to be the most offensive thing he had ever seen. Since this angry man could not message me on Bumble, he went to my website and got my email. He then made a fake email account so he could send me the following novel:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 12.22.26 AM

There are so many things wrong with this message, but I’d like to draw attention to the line “I am just waiting for the day I get the go ahead to grab a rifle. Because a peaceful resolution will not occur. You parasites are a plague.” Look, I’m not an expert — but I think the man who is so enraged by a stranger’s 300 character Bumble profile that he has to go through hoops to email her probably shouldn’t have a rifle.

So I’m sorry, Mr. NOT a beta male. I’m sorry if I hurt your little fee-fees with my preference to date men who are not like you. After all, I am just a nasty shitlib woman, living a lie. My only regret is that, yes, indeed — is taken.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Conservative Male Snowflakes: I’m Sorry My Dating Profile Hurts Your Fragile Male Ego

  1. Dean Moore

    I’m all for legal gun ownership but yeah we will probably see that guy on the evening news one day. He a little crazy.
    Dean Moore

  2. Sheri

    That is a VERY disturbing message you received. What’s with the part about being blow up online too? Has he reached out to you anymore? People really need to hear these points. Just be careful, there are so many wackos out there.

  3. Lindsay

    Hi Manda! I’m a liberal, feminist, no child wanting woman from Charleston, SC. I’m sorry you had to deal with that imbecile. Unfortunately, he is not a rare breed around here.

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  5. R.M.

    As a Conservative, and not an asshat like this guy, I wanted to voice a concern regarding how some, if not most liberals might quantify this masterpiece of literary genius, and how he perceives himself. what he said is not a fair representation of the Conservative mind, and I believe his comment regarding his rifle, should be a matter of persuasive entanglement that indicates his concern for the mainly left talking points of gun control, which is a pointless debate on any level past the banning of fully automatic weapons. Other than that, it’s not a big deal that people have opposing viewpoints, Socialism is as misleading as any system of order can be though! Just keep that in mind when delving deeper into it. A vote for Bernie in the next presidential election could have irreversible implications on the most successful government structure in the history of mankind.

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