How Trump’s Rust Belt Voters Have Changed Since the Election: They Haven’t

Since we haven’t had a single profile of Trump voters, thank god someone at Bloomberg had the genius idea to go out into the heartland and track rust belt Trump voters over the course of seventeen months. I summarized a couple of them last week, and here are the rest of the masters of cognitive dissonance.

Michael Makowski, 55

Michael’s life was changed in high school when he wrote a report on Reagan his senior year. I like to think there is an Alternate Universe Michael that did a book report on Atlas Shrugged, but I digress.

Jan 30, 2017

After a weekend of airport protests in opposition to Trump’s immigration order

They’re worried he’s going to put them back to work. If you can stand in the middle of a highway and wave a cell phone in the middle of the night, you’re certainly capable of holding a job during the day.

Okay. There is a lot to unpack here, and it’s all horrible.

Is he confusing BLM protests with the protests that happened inside airports? Does he think airports have highways inside of them? I’ve been to many BLM protests, and I don’t recall ever waving my cell phone while blocking 395. If we were protesting during the middle of the night, would it even be a protest? Who is driving? Drunks? We’re dying in that case. What jobs are equivalent to waving cell phones in the middle of the night? Is Michael just saying words to say them, with no regard for actual meaning or conclusions? I think this incredibly well thought out opinion by a Trump voter sums up the entire 2016 election.

Mar 30, 2017

One week after the first defeat of a promised Affordable Care Act repeal

I don’t know what the rush was.

What. The rush? Paul Ryan’s entire life goal has been has been to repeal the ACA since the day it was enacted. What the fuck is Michael even talking about?

May 05, 2017

After House approval of a health-care bill

I’m happy about it. Sounds like it’s going to save us a little bit of money and not hurt too many people.

Yup. That’s what I look for. Saving a “little bit of money” while not hurting too many people. A few poors are worth a couple bucks in my pocket!

Aug 15, 2017

On Trump’s response to Charlottesville altercations

Donald Trump took a few days to have all the facts before he made his speech on Charlottesville. He didn’t rely just on what the media was telling him. He acted on the facts. He blamed both sides.

Right. We know. Most people think that when a Nazi murders someone, blaming people who are anti-Nazis is not good.

The economy’s improving. Everybody’s buying new vehicles. I went to purchase a new truck and I have to wait 10 months for it.

Ford is doing a good job selling F150s, so Trump made the economy is A+.

Tom Anslow, 63

With a resume that includes grocery store bagger and restaurant manager, it makes perfect sense that Tom is a Republican. He found Trump “intriguing,” which is perhaps the most important quality one can seek out in the leader of the free world. For reasons, Tom also found the female candidate, Hillary Clinton, to be distrustful. Tom’s main concern is healthcare, as his plan runs out at the end of the year.

We are hurting over health care. It’s a weekly discussion in our house. I never wanted to be 65 in my life, but I do now.

My uninsured ass and janky forever broken pinky finger can totally relate to that, Tom. Unfortunately I won’t die in a few years and escape the fallout of being uninsured.

The Democrats and Republicans, they’re just two sides to a counterfeit coin.

Yup. The people who want you to be insured are just like the people who want you to figure it out in the private market — the market they don’t want to have regulated. The people who want to make a Muslim ban are the same as the ones who don’t. Tell me more, white man.

May 07, 2017

After House approval of a health-care bill

I’m not pleased with the uncertainty. Who the heck knows what’s going to come out? [But Trump’s pushing to get it passed] is his job, to get this thing through. He stepped up, he got it done.

Oh, Tom. I assume you’re talking about the plan that rolled back Medicaid expansion. Surely the reason you want to be 65 has nothing to do with Medicaid…right? Or are you a hypocrite, Tom?

Geno DiFabio, 55

Geno was a Democrat his whole life, but decided to switch to Trump after his blue hometown suffered financially as the steel industry collapsed.

He’s not going to get the press on his side, but he has to silence them a little bit.

That is exactly what POTUS should do!!! Silence the press.

May 07, 2017

After House approval of a health-care bill

I think that when we see the final product, it’s going to be better than what we have. I’m hoping.

I mean, if a toddler threw up on piece of paper and smeared it around with his hands, that would be a better bill, because it wouldn’t be costing people their health insurance.

He got rid of Comey for cause, in my opinion. The investigation’s going on. It doesn’t go away just because he got rid of Comey. No matter when Trump would have fired him, it would have been, ‘He was trying to stop him from investigating him.’

Well, yeah, but mostly because Trump looked Lester Holt dead in the eye and told him that was the reason. Do these people not have access to the news?

I think the swamp in Washington is bigger and deeper than he thought

Probably because he keeps adding to the swamp?

So people can make their own choice: here’s what Trump’s saying, here’s what the media is saying.

So people can make their own choice: here is what one uneducated and uninformed person is saying, here’s what the facts and data are.

I don’t know how much more is in my paycheck, I don’t watch that that closely. But honest to God, I can see it in the amount of business we’re doing and the amount of business our customers are doing.

This is actual bullshit. You know your check isn’t increased, and that is why you are just saying you can tell everything is great because of the amount of business you and your customers are doing.

Image result for truthiness


Tom Viviano, 51

TomV is an Independent. I can’t even re-word this biography. I’m just going to direct quote the article: “He hones his conservative-leaning views each morning at breakfast at the Orange Tree Cafe in Sterling Heights, Michigan, where he moderates the battle between his two coffee mates, one a fervent Democrat and the other a conservative Republican.”

Okie doke.

Anyway, TomV stopped responding to Bloomberg back in November, after giving Trump low ratings (7-8.5 out of 10).

My choice was not to vote or vote for him. There was no way I was voting for Hillary. It was never going to happen.

There is no explanation for why, so we can only use our imagination.

What I see happening now is mostly divided and partisan. It’s a lot worse than I thought it was going to be.

The man who refused to vote for Clinton because of her being Clinton, despite not appearing to love Trump, didn’t predict a partisan divide? Hmm, okay.

Apr 19, 2017

After failure to get a vote on health-care bill

It’s much worse now than it was before Trump. The Republicans probably didn’t like the Obama administration and what was going on, but it wasn’t the stonewalling like this. All of the bills being shot down. Everything that he does is wrong.

HAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA. What?! Is this guy delusional? Does he suffer from a memory problem?? TED CRUZ READ GREEN EGGS AND HAM TO FILIBUSTER.

I’m still all in favor of the travel ban. I’m all in favor of the wall. I’m all in favor of changing the health care.

Yeah, TomV definitely sounds like he’s an Independent. Sure.

Ann Peterson, 52

Ann has been waiting for Trump to run for POTUS for more than a decade.

I had always been a Trump supporter, and it was like a dream come true. It might sound hokey to you, but it’s truly what it was.

That is a real quote.

The hard part is, with watching the news, is you don’t even know who is telling the truth anymore. So I don’t really watch the news….I follow Michael Savage.

The hard part is, with watching the news, is you don’t even know who is telling the truth anymore. So I don’t really watch the news….I rely on a man who is banned from the UK for being racist, mocks veterans suffering from PTSD, and is a documented antisemite.

May 27, 2017

On Russia probe

I would like to see more solid evidence stated. Otherwise it’s not credible.

Like maybe some indictments?

There’s zero respect. It’s trickled down into all the avenues –- the football players and all that—the whole entire picture has been very disappointing. I’m embarrassed for our country and their behaviors.

Wait. Does Ann think the NFL is taking a knee over Trump? Oh, Ann. We are all embarrassed for our country.\

 He’s not padding anyone’s pocket, like we’ve seen (with others) all these years.

WHAT?! Trump is lining HIS OWN pockets nonstop!!!

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