How Trump’s Rust Belt Voters Have Changed Since the Election: Sounds Like White People White Peopling

Have you been worried that the media hasn’t done a good job checking in with white Trump voters? Have you managed to miss the barrage of Cletus Safaris done by almost every single major outlet in America? Well, lucky for you, someone at Bloomberg had the genius idea to go out into the heartland and track rust belt Trump voters over the course of seventeen months. For a special treat, Bloomberg used that old MySpace/Geocities cool feature where pointless sound plays on loop the whole time you’re reading the article. So in case you don’t have a fifth of booze handy to get you through reading this trash, I’ve made you a summary. It’s broken into pieces, so you don’t have to read it all at once.

Kim Woodrosky, 54

Kim is a real estate developer, surrounded by Democrats. As someone who is self employed, she is primarily concerned about health care.

[The 2017 Women’s March] wasn’t a women’s march. It was a march against Trump.

Well, sure. And all that stuff he did demeaning women. But I’m glad she was able to comprehend half of the issue.

If you want to come up here and you want to be a part of our country, be a part of our country. End up being a taxpayer. And follow our laws.

I’m really confused by this, because Bloomberg has it dated January 30, 2017, and the only context given is “shortly after Trump signed the executive order banning some immigrants.” I feel like I’m missing something, because the EO that comes to my mind is the Muslim ban, where they were detaining green card holders, students, families on vacation, and other people who were exactly following our laws. What in the fuck did Kim think this EO was about?? I am actually very alarmed  by Kim’s reading comprehension.

May 2, 2017
I see it very, very calm between everybody, even on social media and Facebook.

“I am a very white person with only very white friends, and everything seems totally normal now among the people I know!”

If there were a white supremacist thing going on in my center of town I would have stayed away.

That’s one hot take on Charlottesville, Kim. “I, someone who benefits from white supremacy and does not live in an area being purposefully terrorized by white supremacists, do not understand why you would ever protest this!! Everyone is to blame!”

People seem to think that the wall is all about taking away the migrant worker that’s going to pick tomatoes. That wall means more than just immigration. That wall means the end to the problem we’ve had for the past God knows how many years with drugs coming into this country.

….Kim, we have to have a talk. You need to try reading — a book, a newspaper article. Anything but Trump’s Twitter feed. Did you believe Trump when he said that bags of drugs are just knocking Americans out when they are walking along the border? In reality, “well over 95% of the drugs are moving on the water via container ships, non-commercial vessels, pleasure boats, sail boats, fishing boats.” Concrete walls can’t stop private yachts, Kim.

Bryn Biemeck, 31

Bryn had been living with her mom while trying to start a career as a life coach, but she recently moved out to become an Uber driver. She identifies as a libertarian, a political ideology known for believing in personal fiscal responsibility and not accepting or offering hand outs. She turned her back on Gary Johnson because Trump was just too amazing to not vote for. Her pet issues are NAFTA and education reform.

The respect that Trump gets from other world leaders and the ability to negotiate peace deals in what is a sticky horrible situation like North Korea.


Ah yes. Nothing makes me feel respected like being called a dotard. Or a giant gold Goliath.  Or being mocked for “winning the online polls” because “they are so easy to win.” Or having world leaders tell me to my face that “no one marched when won.” Also, these headlines:

Image result for international headlines about trumpImage result for international headlines about trumpImage result for international headlines about trump

The biggest failure of Trump’s first 100 days is him turning his back on Julian Assange.

Funny, I thought his biggest failure was not accomplishing anything. But I guess it is really hard to fail at something if you don’t do anything.

William Chaney, 41

With a license plate that reads VOTGOP and an 11/10 rating for Trump, William is obviously as far from an obnoxious, in-your-face, real life troll as you can get. His main focus is repealing the ACA, so maybe Trump would have a reasonable 1000000/10 if the ACA had been repealed.

My life is way better with Trump as president…I can’t name anything tangible right now other than my mental health is better knowing that Hillary did not become president.

Ah, the exact rational thinking I would expect from William!

Donald Trump can have an absolutely awesome day and then he’ll stick his foot in his mouth. Then again, my dog used to s— on the carpet, yet I still loved her. I’m frustrated with my party. I’m not frustrated with my president.

I know the main thing I am looking for in a leader is someone who runs the country in a way that reminds me of my dog shitting on my carpet.

Honestly, if Trump were to hang himself with a brand new rope, the left would find something to criticize.

Hang himself? Funny choice of words, my friend. Surely the right never did anything like create racially charged images of Obama hanging himself!

Related image

Image result for obama hung in effigy

Related image

Image result for obama noose


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