It’s 2015!

It’s 2015 and my only New Years resolution is to publish something every (non-holiday) weekday. Too bad I didn’t realize the first day would be a Friday and writing anything meaningful would get lost in everyone’s weekends!

I finished off 2014 by reading the entire CIA torture report, and here’s some good news: it was $50 to print it at FedEx, but you can order it on Amazon for $14. Good deal, and I’ll be posting my thoughts on it next week (spoiler alert: I’m not a fan of torture).

I also spent a good deal of time reading about the drug war and police brutality (but I swear I won’t spend 100% of my time posting articles about the same subject, as much as I may want to), and the aftermath of the vote to ban fracking in Denton County, TX.

Hopefully everyone had a good holiday, and next week I’ll be back with plenty of complaining. Feel free to send me anything you think I could write about!



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