Who Is Still Eating Fast Food?!

Look, drunk Manda loves a protein style double double from In-N-Out just as much as anyone else, but why does anyone still eat fast food sober? I just don’t get it. Don’t even try telling me it’s because everyone is poor and they don’t have choices — I’ve lived in really shitty areas where I’d rather forage for my own food in the wild than deal with getting shot buying off brand ketchup at Save-a-Lot, but I don’t think that’s the case for the billions served by McDonalds. Unless you’re living in Detroit proper, where chain grocers are a thing of the past and every mom and pop seems to close early, please stop.

Hey, that sure is a nice Lexus you have there. I’m glad you can stylishly drive to the BK Lounge and fill up on mystery meat, all while pumping premium fuel into your luxury vehicle.

My favorite is when people make fun of me for not eating fast food (yeah, that includes Subway). I guess I didn’t get the memo that it makes me uncool when I choose to cook my own taco dinner instead of gouging myself on the Taco Bell version.

One of the last times I ate fast food, I got what was basically the opposite of my order. My best friend got a McDouble that was two buns and no meat. THEY CAN’T EVEN GET THEIR SHITTY FOOD RIGHT. And if you get home before you realize it’s wrong, everyone acts like it’s YOUR fault for not checking. I’m sorry that people who want to get $15/hr can’t do their fucking jobs correctly. I’m sorry that I expect to have some meat on my McDouble instead of 4 slices of bread. How unreasonable of me.


8 thoughts on “Who Is Still Eating Fast Food?!

  1. athenarcarson9


    That right there is what keeps me from eating out / going to Starbucks more often. I actually do like quite a bit of fast food, but I DON’T like when I pay for something that I don’t get. “Oh but we’ll fix it! We’ll make it right!” Know what? I’m not going to be that selfish bitch that makes you re-make my drink while the 30 bazillion people in line behind me ALL WAIT for me. I’ll just drink what you gave me … and I won’t come back.

    1. mandawritesthings Post author

      Coffee I’ll raise all hell on (I NEED EVERY EXTRA SHOT OF ESPRESSO I ASKED FOR OR PEOPLE WILL DIE), but food I typically won’t. I like that Subway and Chipotle let you view the entire process so you can avoid screw ups.

  2. roboman20000

    It makes a lot more sense when you include the amount of effort it takes to cook a meal. Now hear me out! The first thing you need to make a meal is the skill to cook. Not everybody knows how even in their adult years. It sort of takes a lot of guts to admit that you can’t cook without making a joke of it and then go take a class. Second is “What to make?” When you don’t have a ready list in front of you it’s hard to decide what to make yourself. I tend to have 3-4 fallback meals that I always cook. Last, Dishes (I know it’s not hard but it’s one more thing on the plate). People eat Fast Food not because it’s cheaper, or tastes good, but because it’s easier than cooking.

    That said. I love the higher end fast food chains like Five Guys or Fat Burger. They are so good!

  3. grumpycatwalk

    The smell of BK and McDonalds makes me want to gag. While Five Guys good and has better quality meat, I feel like it sits in my stomach for days. There is a video going around on facebook on how the McRib is made – ew

    1. mandawritesthings Post author

      Same. When I’m very hungover I’ll go to In-N-Out, but I feel sick for a while. If my only option in the AM is a fast food breakfast, I usually just skip it and soldier on. Nothing on planet Earth will make me watch that video, dear God.

  4. New York Cliche

    Yep, I’m right with ya! I stopped eating fast food in 2003. There’ve been a couple times o roadtrips where the options were so scarce I did give in to subway. Other than that, I’ve never looked back. It took a while for McDonalds french fries to stop smelling good- now the odor is REVOLTING.

  5. theeditorsjournal

    “Hey, that sure is a nice Lexus you have there. I’m glad you can stylishly drive to the BK Lounge and fill up on mystery meat, all while pumping premium fuel into your luxury vehicle.” Ha ha! Right? Talk about getting priorities skewed!

    Also I think Drunk Manda sounds fun!


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