The Most Offensive Thing About the Term Redskins? Everyone Pretending to be Offended

Newsflash: No one actually gives a shit about racism against Native Americans. People are jumping on the anti-Redskins bandwagon and crying about how offensive the term is, and then ignoring all of the other incredibly offensive things Americans do to Native Americans. If you’re actually offended by the term, you need to demonstrate that by doing more than hating an already largely hated sports team. It’s easy to dislike a football franchise from another city, but it’s more difficult to actually want to change things you like or policies that are inherently racist.

Remember when Etsy decided to ban everything Redskins? From their blog:

You may have been following the struggle of one ethnic group that has made a lot of headlines lately: Native Americans and their fight against the Washington, D.C. professional football team name and mascot, which they have long considered offensive, disparaging, and racist….We understand that fans wish to support their favorite football team, and we do not believe that fans who are attached to the mascot have any racist feeling or intent. We also understand that some fans view the name and mascot as an homage to Native Americans, and we do not doubt their noble intent, but the fact remains that Native Americans themselves find the term unacceptable.

Okay, cool.  If Native Americans find it offensive then it is offensive and should be removed. So…why can you still buy elaborate handmade headdresses on Etsy? Didn’t we decide that headdresses are offensive over and over and over again?

I find it incredibly hypocritical that the same people crying over the Redskins take the time to celebrate Thanksgiving every year.  Do you know how you feel about going around the table and saying what you’re thankful for? That nice fuzzy feeling of tradition and happiness? That’s what all of those Redskins fans feel 16 days a year. Do you protest Columbus Day as an official holiday on the calendar? If not, get your shit together before you start protesting FedEx and every other brand affiliated with the Skins.

I guess I can go to Redskins games when I’m home in DC, and then assuage my white guilt by gambling at WinStar when I’m home in Dallas.

Totally not offensive
Totally not offensive
Not offensive
Moderately offensive
Mega fucking offensive
Mega fucking offensive

5 thoughts on “The Most Offensive Thing About the Term Redskins? Everyone Pretending to be Offended”

  1. But it’s so easy and fun to jump on the outrage-du-juor bandwagon! And I don’t have to do anything except share Facebook posts and make nasty, biting comments at anyone who doesn’t instantly bow to my moral superiority!

    In all seriousness, though, I agree that if there is something you are going to be outraged over, be consistent; don’t just be outraged when it’s convenient or popular to be.

  2. Haha! “Outrage-du-juor”… Stealing for future reference. You pretty much hit the bullseye with this one. Seems that too many people just thrive on controversy. I would say “drama”, but that particular phrase is so over-used, it’s lost all meaning anyway. But really though, it’s just controversy and conflict. Most people don’t have any of that in their lives, but it’s like it’s the only thing that makes life exciting, so they go looking for some kind of controversy. If they can’t find it, they stir it up. What happened to pretending to have our own problems to worry about?

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