Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Ever Getting Married…

…because I’m not.
Last week I mentioned that I’m not a fan of the way marriage is currently run. I believe that a marriage contract should be between you and the person you love, and if a third person is involved it should only be your God — not the government.
I am, however, interested in changing my last name, committing to someone, and having a big ceremony and party (because I’m awesome and why not).
Interestingly, I found this article about a woman who isn’t willing to change her last name — but is willing to get legally married. It’s an interesting read, so I recommend you check it out.
I have no interest in signing a paper saying I love you, I have no interest in a shared bank account, and I have no interest in a diamond ring. I do have an interest in changing my last name (and a big “official” party for my wedding!) — possibly because my first and last name are both terribly dull, and I have met dozens of other people with an identical name. Who cares if someone wants to do it?
The article pretty much mocks people for saying it’s “just nice” AND tell us to make our own decision in the same breath.
Personally, my self value and identity are not so easily shaken that no longer being one of a million Amanda Moores will bring me crashing down into a pathetic heap, opening the door for my misogynist common law husband to take off my shoes and wheel me into the kitchen for all eternity. Plus, name changing isn’t a worldwide phenomenon: it’s an English speaking thing, and some of the cultures where women stick with their maiden names are hardly earning an A+ for women’s rights.
I’d take this opinion a lot more serious if someone could explain why name changing is wrong but the act of ring exchanging isn’t (especially a diamond. No one dies when you change your name), or if she had clarified that her dad also didn’t walk her down the aisle, or if she just acknowledged that she DID buy into any of the billion sexist things in modern weddings.

5 thoughts on “Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Ever Getting Married…”

  1. Clicked over here from the Mike Adams post, liking your blog so far this morning! Just wanted to say, it sounds like you like marriage fine except for the government involvement? The way I see it, if you have a ceremony and say you’re married, then you’re married. No need to do the government part. Although, if you do do the government part, all that happens is you get a tax break. Kinda nice actually!

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