More Unquestionable, Irreversible, Irreparable Harm – Is There Anyone Left to Defend the NSA?

Oh, the NSA. My most hated government agency, always tied right with the DEA and TSA. Ever since Edward Snowden leaked their documents last year, I’ve felt pretty justified in my hatred. While they’ve still had their defenders, I feel like lately they’ve taken a page from OCT and worked hard to alienate everyone who could agree with them.

Now the Washington Post has published the results of a 4 month investigation into the NSA. Absolutely nothing in it is shocking; everything in it is disgusting. “But wait!” you say. “The NSA protects us from terrorists! And if you don’t have anything to hide, why do you care?” Well, here are some highlights.

Scores of pictures show infants and toddlers in bathtubs, on swings, sprawled on their backs and kissed by their mothers. In some photos, men show off their physiques. In others, women model lingerie, leaning suggestively into a webcam or striking risque poses in shorts and bikini tops.

That means pictures of your children. Pictures of your lake days. That picture you took alone in your room for your significant other. Pictures targeted for certain people, not for the world. We cry out when our children’s photos are taken in public by strangers, parents champion not having pictures of their kids on social media — so why not care that everyone is seeing your toddler in the bathtub? Oh, but what’s that? You’re an American, so this doesn’t apply to you?

If a target entered an online chat room, the NSA collected the words and identities of every person who posted there, regardless of subject, as well as every person who simply “lurked,” reading passively what other people wrote.

Oh. Well. That sucks. Damn globalization.

So…why are we not more upset by this? I’m sitting here watching the news (CNN and Fox!) and no one is talking about it. The NSA is, really, a bunch of criminals. Your right to privacy is your most important right – it goes beyond what your state says, beyond a country’s constitution. No one would feel like they were really living if they spent their entire life being monitored and watched.


Do you think the people who are responsible for passing the legislation allowing this are comfortable being spied on? They aren’t. Glenn Greenwald covers this in his (amazing) book, No Place to Hide:

When the Senate Intelligence Committee’s chair, Dianne Feinstein, insisted that the NSA’s collection of metadata does not constitute surveillance…online protesters demanded that she back up her assertion with action: Would the senator, each month, publish a full list of people she emailed and called, including the length of time they spoke and their physical locations when the call was made?

SPOILER ALERT: The answer was no.

The way I talk in front of a group of strangers is different from the way I talk in front of a group of close friends, which is different from the way I talk when I’m with just my little sister. I’m sure you are all the same way. The best thing you can do to demonstrate how incredibly uncomfortable people can get when they lose their privacy is to walk around recording people. Why do you think we’re so uncomfortable with the idea of Google Glass?

At the point, it’s almost comical. Is there anyone left to defend the NSA? Probably not, but if you think they’re swell, I’d love to hear why.

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7 thoughts on “More Unquestionable, Irreversible, Irreparable Harm – Is There Anyone Left to Defend the NSA?”

    1. I think it’s FINALLY losing traction, but I don’t understand why anyone bought into it to begin with. If you have nothing to hide, it’s even more okay than your rights are trampled!

  1. While I like your blog, I find it ridiculous you are asking people for money. You are like the electronic panhandler. Get a job. I had a blog for 4 years and didn’t need money. I would respect you more if you earn the money the right way by working. Blogging is a hobby, not a job. Also, the NSA will be all over you now after writing this post.

    1. The best thing I can suggest is don’t read it. I don’t want to write as a hobby, I’d rather do it as my job. If almost a million people are going to read my writing in a week, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to simply ASK for something in return — especially something I plan to pay forward once I receive an ad check.

      Oh no. I’m very worried. Thank you for the advice/concern. I’ll be sure to keep my mouth shut on things like the NSA now.

      1. Lol! I have a real job, I’m freelance. I recently decided to take fewer contracts to focus on writing a book. While I budgeted, I didn’t plan on my laptop dying. If people want to help, they can. If not, they won’t.
        If a panhandler asks for money for nothing, that’s one thing. But a street performer would be more align with what’s happening here.
        Maybe I could write you a personal haiku and you’d like me better?
        Or, Jake, maybe you could be pleased you’ve made your point and kindly fuck off. I don’t know what you want me to say. So bye!!

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